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The Rockin' Admin - I So Rock!
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PostSubject: Information   Information Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:09 am

Most people have been asking me the same question.
"What is the ACME Foundation?"

The ACME Foundation is a small organisation owned and created by me.

The ACME Foundation is a sort of project which will do many things on and off the forums. Its a group which in real life, consists of 3 people.
Its aim is to enhance safety and add more things which are fun.

Nothing will change.
Just logos will be visible on the header, no where else. (Apart from the widget on the portal)

The foundation has already done one thing without being official.
Hiding topics to guests.

Some Things the Foundation will help do:
1. More filtered words. (Making chat clean)
2. More pictures
3. More options

The ACME Foundation might soon be able to work on other forums/blogs.
This is good news for parents. It means their child is safer, and information wont be visible.

- Mr Funguin -

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