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[M]r Funguin
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The Rockin' Admin - I So Rock!
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PostSubject: Register An Account - Info   Register An Account - Info Icon_minitime1Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:10 pm

Mr Funguin's Official Forums has more topics and threads than this one.
Currently it has been detected that you are UNREGISTERED and can not view any.

To be able to access the 'hidden' areas of the forum you will need to register and log in as a member. Please do! We'd love you to join!

Parent Note:
This forum is filtered daily and is clean. Users breaking the rules will be banned or suspended, according to the offence. If reasons are harsh, we may ban the IP adress. We have tried to make these forums Kid-Friendly as possible. You may PM Me once registered for more information, which I will gladly give. Although your childs information is NOT shared, we advise you to keep an eye on your son/daughter.
There are 2 Admins and 2 Moderators. Ensuring the forum is clean at all times.

Kid Note:
These forums are aimed for the ages 9 - 16. Because most of you are under 9, I recommend you inform your parents so they know what you are doing. Do not break rules or you may be banned. If you decide to swear or cheat, we may bann your IP.Break rules too often and your IP will be banned for ever.

Hope you choose to register!

~ Mr Funguin Very Happy

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